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Date Posted : September 2017

Anderman Ceramics shares best practice alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in The Parliamentary Review
Parliamentary Review

Anderman Ceramics features alongside the Prime Minister and a small number of outstanding organisations in a document that looks back on the year in industry and Westminster. The main aim of the Review is to showcase best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector.

Across all policy areas, The Parliamentary Review is sent to over half a million leading policymakers. The articles in the Review act as both a blueprint for success and a template for reform.

An e-copy of The Parliamentary Review can be viewed here:

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Date Posted : May 2017

A complete solution for cement and steel, with Anderman Ceramics' appointment of a new market expert

Europe’s cement and steel sectors will benefit from a greater range of advanced refractory products, with the addition of Julien Soum to Anderman Ceramics’ business development team in France.

As a commercial engineer, Julien Soum has in-depth knowledge of refractory in steel and cement production. For the last five years he has worked on projects across Europe, including France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. Involved at every stage, from sourcing materials and initial research, to site supervision and product delivery, he knows that different processes demand different refractory solutions.

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Date Posted : Jan 2016

Anderman Group, two new Directors appointed

The Anderman group continues to successfully grow its two business activities in the areas of industrial ceramics and electrical engineering. In order to underpin and support the growth, two key appointments have been made.

Gary Hateley is appointed to the role of Sales Director for the ceramics business effective Jan 11th. Gary joined the company in 2009 and has worked closely with Dr. John Verrier, Anderman Manager Director in recent years to establish a base from which the ceramics activity can achieve its ambitious growth strategy. Gary will take over management of the national and international sales teams.

Peter Dimmock has been appointment as Finance Director and he will assume responsibility for the financial management and control alongside contributing to the strategic growth and direction of the business. Peter’s role is crucial to Anderman’s continued success.

Peter joined the company in 2011 and has contributed considerably to its current success and stability in what have been challenging times for both the business and the global economy. Peter joins the Board of Directors with a clear vision of matching the group’s financial outlook to that of the ambitious sales growth targets that have been set..

We wish both Peter and Gary well in their new and challenging roles.

Date Posted : Dec 2015

Anderman Ceramics supplies an impressive quartz tube over 2.5 metres long and 140 mm external diameter.

Anderman Ceramics is proud to supply all sizes and shapes of tubes, but one of their latest challenges was to produce a massive quartz tube over 2.5 metres in length and 140 mm external diameter.

Being one of the world’s leading suppliers in technical ceramics and using state of art facilities, Anderman Ceramics is able to supply customized tubes,  using outstanding quality materials.


Date Posted : Jan 2015

Anderman Ceramics launches mobile phone website

One of Anderman Ceramics’ priorities is offering the best service to its customers at all the times. It has become a necessity to provide a quality mobile website to our customers and provide quick access to our products and services.

Improving our business-customer relationship by making useful information more available anytime, anywhere it’s our goal! Easy, quicker and simple to use, our customers can now be in touch with us at anytime.

Anderman Ceramics’ website instantly connects customers with the information they are looking for, allowing them to send enquiries at anytime and everywhere. We are delighted to able to provide always the right information and NOW even more delighted by make it easier, faster and simpler to access.

Our customers can use the unique features of our mobile phone website to contact us, send us enquiries and access our products and services information on the go!

Anderman Ceramics ON THE GO!

Date Posted : Oct 2014

Refractory coatings - Zircoat application results show a fuel saving of over 30%.

Zircoat is also ideal for sealing cracks and performing emergency repairs. The result of using Zircoat is a reduction in thermal energy loss and a subsequent saving in fuel costs; based on installations to date, savings are proving to be in the region of 30%.

This product was originally developed to improve the performance of in-house kilns by increasing their life and efficiency. Zircoat materials have since found applications in many high-temperature environments, helping to reduce operating costs and increase refractory life.

For further information please see the article in Ceramic Industry magazine.

Date Posted : May 2014

anderman industrial ceramics new offices in china

Anderman Industrial Ceramics has launched a new subsidiary company Anderman Ceramics China Ltd. The company is based in Hong Kong with regional offices established in Shenzhen and Beijing.

Anderman has been working in China for 15 years developing integrated supply line management solutions for its global industrial ceramics activities as well as a growing base of customers within the China mainland. The creation of a subsidiary company is envisaged as the next stage in the evolution process for the company.

Further information and contact details >>

Date Posted : December 2013


2013 was a very challenging and busy year for the entire Anderman Ceramics' team. It was a year of great challenges given the market contingencies and demands. Due to their experience, motivation and hard work Anderman Ceramics' team overcame all challenges and managed to achieve the objectives set out once again.

Their dedication has proven that Anderman Ceramics' 2013 growth is due mostly to the effort and commitment of all its teams (UK, JAPAN, FRANCE and USA)

This growth brought up progress in all areas and the team had to be reinforced with a new Japanese Sales administrator, a new Group Procurement Officer and a new backup to the French sales team.

It's with a winning spirit and better prepared than ever that Anderman Ceramics is going to face the new year of 2014 new successes and challenges!

Date Posted : August 2013

Anderman Ceramics presents new solutions for glass industry at Glassman America 2013

Our presence at Glassman America 2013 is part of a consistent growth especially in demanding markets such as USA and South America.

We will be waiting for you on stand 28 with high quality refractories solutions for both, Float and glass Containers industries.

Melter, Port, Regenerator, Working End/distributor and Forehearth are some of the applications in which our products will make a difference.


Date Posted : February 2013


Following a successful 2012, Anderman Ceramics begins 2013 with a new range of products for the GLASS INDUSTRY.

To provide the best Glass Furnace solutions, Anderman Ceramics joined CUMI (Carborundum Universal LTD, part of the Murrugappa Group) in a technical and commercial partnership, taking the best from the two expert businesses.

THE GLASS INDUSTRY now has even more reason to rely on Anderman Ceramics SOLUTIONS.

Date Posted : August 2012

Anderman Ceramics' article is CERAMIC INDUSTRY MAGAZINE's COVER STORY.

As a result of all the work done and expertise in Industrial Ceramics Anderman, was invited to publish an article, in the very well known, CERAMIC INDUSTRY MAGAZINE.

Due to its experience, Anderman Ceramics, has been gaining new markets all over the Globe and in recognition of this development, was this time invited, to publish an article about Ceramic Tubes.

Date Posted : August 2012

Anderman Ceramics, A Global solution to your problems!

ANDERMAN CERAMICS was invited by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), as one of the best UK companies, to visit Russia in September 2012.
Sept 2012

UKTI London has carefully selected British companies that are deemed suitable for the Russian market with a view to establishing long-term business relations.
Anderman has always been prepared for new markets, but now more than ever! Not only in terms of distribution facilities in Europe, Asia and America but also, with an international team Anderman are ready to respond to increased competition and the resulting demands of fast response. Anderman's goal is to change market conditions and customer expectations on the ground.

The objective for visiting Russia is to gain a full understanding of this important market before establishing operations in the territory.

Anderman Ceramics look forward to meeting and doing business with potential customers and partners in Russia!

Date Posted : May 2012

Anderman Ceramics is pleased to announce the release of its NEW WEBSITE

Our new site has been redesigned with a fresh new look and has been updated with information about our latest products and services. Additionally, our new site will provide support and information to answer our customer's most common questions.

Designed with for a fresh user-friendly experience and clear presentation of information regarding our products and services, the primary objective of the new Anderman Ceramics website is to provide an effective business development tool. The new website will continue its focus on our customers and a more comprehensive emphasis on our range of products and services.

From a marketing perspective the new site enables Anderman Ceramics to lead the way in how we communicate with our customers, through regular updates and innovative technology that we are embracing including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

We hope you enjoy our new site!

Date Posted : February 2012

Developing new markets

In order to support development of new markets , especially the South America one, where the main languages spoken are Portuguese and Spanish, Anabela Lelis, a Portuguese marketer with over than 10 years of business to business marketing experience, joined the Anderman Industrial Ceramics international team at the beginning of 2012.

Anabela is Anderman Industrial Ceramics Marketing Executive and besides developing and implementing creative marketing strategies that will make an impact, support the brand and drive sales and online traffic, she will be using her language skills (Portuguese, Spanish and French) to communicate with international customers or divisions to understand their needs, prepare international marketing plans and policies and coordinate with other departments the necessary actions to accomplish the marketing plans to pursue the international development.

Welcome on board Anabela.


Date Posted : February 2012

NEW PREMISES will allow more benefits to our service and to our customers

Due to the growth achieved during recent years, Anderman Ceramics has relocated to a new Trading Estate located in Hartlebury, Kidderminster. The modern and spacious complex has been configured to ensure maximum efficiency and economy, allowing further benefits to our service and to our customers.

Anderman Ceramics new location, is a great move for us and will help to continue to grow and reach our goals. It will ensure we can continue to give our best possible service to our customers.

The new facilities comprising large office space and a warehouse with, approximately 10,000 sq. ft. which will ensure our products efficemt storage and distribution all over the word. See our new premises here


Date Posted : February 2012

New Opportunities In Japanese Market

February 2012

Since the beginning of 2012, Daisei Abe joined the business to continue developing the Japanese market. Daisei is currently working very closely with the United Kingdom Sales Team, to service and develop our existing accounts in Japan. In addition Daisei will focus on the many new market opportunities that are presenting themselves to the company.

Based on success already achieved in many areas of Asia, Anderman will continue to offer the Japanese market excellent technical ceramic solutions with a Japanese speaking Sales Executive on hand, during trading hours, to offer immediate and accurate technical responses to any queries that arise.